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Default Re: Detroit has a great chance to make serious noise next year

Originally Posted by chips93
i have a hard time seeing brandon knight playing the 2.

its not like hes an especially big pg.

i think he could be effective off the ball though.

I've been saying this for a while. He's far too small to play SG in the NBA. He's a PG. They can play some small ball for a short amount of time during the game but Knight will be the one getting the minutes there.

I think they'll let Calderon's contract expire and go after a bigger trade or FA's. Since they aren't going to land Howard or CP3, Josh Smith is the only FA that makes any kind of sense. He's not a max contract type of guy like he thinks, and I would hate to over pay him. He's not going to turn the franchise around. Joe D must have another trade in mind.
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