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Default Re: Lebron watch against Brooklyn

Originally Posted by imdaman99
why dont you read what you wrote idiot? you won 2 against them, knicks won 1. no team was beating the heat in the 1st round, not knicks not pacers. if the knicks had to play shitty magic, they would have beat them.

all of a sudden getting past the 1st round is an accomplishment. all of a sudden, blowing 2-1 lead at home is an accomplishment. wow playoff wins. i didnt know that was the purpose of basketball. its finals win or bust. wow, great accomplishment, you beat a declining magic team. good job, good effort.
I don't think you understand. We won more games agains t the heat than you th knicks have against any team in the last decade in the playoffs And how is it our fault we faced the magic? It's your fault for being the garbage 7th seed
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