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Default Re: Sudden Kobe Stan Praise for New Mentality ?

Originally Posted by eliteballer
You're an idiot.

Nash was out in the beginning, Howard hasn't been 100%, Gasol's been out and D'Antoni has been running a different system the whole season. We needed his scoring before.
No, you just don't have a clue about organized team ball. I can tell you've never played. So, I will coach you. But first remove the Mamba shaped dildo from your mouth.

Proving my point, without those guys he needed to boost the enthusiasm offensively and defensively of the young role players.

I can tell quite clearly you've never played ball. When you have a shot jacking, selfish ball hog on your team, and no one touches the ball and all the teammates know he's going to hoist up shots ... it kills effort of the team on defense and offense.

You get them quality touches, and shots by creating for them (which Kobe has proven he can do at an elite level) and you get teammates motivated. Be a talent and a great player and create for others who are less basketball fortunate.

It's pretty simple, and it's why they're winning now. Quite dominantly too. It's not a coincidence. Kobe was being selfish, and un-trustworthy. Thus, being a terrible leader, and why his brief 30-5-5 on 47% was hollow numbers not leading to wins.

THIS Kobe is actually a quality player. This Kobe in the last three games has been MVP quality.

That's the truth from an OBJECTIVE fan of Kobe, who knew he was playing the wrong way all season. I told you so ...
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