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Default Sudden Kobe Stan Praise for New Mentality ?

I love Kobe stans praising how he's currently playing (as their winning) when just prior to that they said he was playing perfectly and didn't need to change his approach (selfish, scoring agenda, losing, etc)

He needed to play like this all season given the components on the roster, the types of players and weapons he had at his disposal. If he played like this the whole season, the objective Kobe fans like myself, who said he needed to play like this to elevate his teammates games and enthusiasm would be rewarded with actual MVP caliber play and a winning ball club.

He's not as great a facilitator as James, but Kobe's best seasons from a winning and team perspective, he wasn't trying to gun for a scoring title. 2001, and 2008 being the ideal way I think he should've played his entire career.
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