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Default Re: Now that Kobe has decided to be a facilitator, is he better at it than Lebron James?

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
No, comparing MJ to Magic is not a valid comparison it's a strawman argument because MJ even in his stretch wasn't even reaching the assist volumes as Magic. I specifically am referring to this stretch, and I'm not calling into question Lebron's career impact of facilitating. Kobe the past three games is averaging almost double the assists per game as Lebron - he's averaging 12 assists a game. Small window, but it's the window I'm asking people to talk about.

Well to answer your question. Kobe a way better facilitator because him having elite shooting and post game makes him the ultimate pick your poison machine, unlike brozy whos a one trick pony, hes either driving and dishing or clanking a brick.
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