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Default Re: Now that Kobe has decided to be a facilitator, is he better at it than Lebron James?

so a guy can't make a thread comparing Kobe's recent facilitating tear to Lebron w/o being accused of being a Kobe stan / Laker fan / Lebron hater / "butthurt cavs fan"

I don't hate Lebron James, and I don't love Kobe (seriously, ask his real stans, they've argued with me many times) - I'm not slurping Kobe or the Lakers, nor am I dissing the Heat, or Lebron, I'm asking a f*cking question to drum up discussion, chill the eff out

- Kobe in facilitating mode has been beasting it with setting up teammates the past 3 games. Yes, it's only 3 games. where as Lebron is an all-time facilitating forward his entire career and I wholeheartedly acknowledge this. The question isn't about who has been better for a career, the question/comparison is simple, for the last 3 games that Kobe has been in facilitating mode, has he been doing as good a job or better than Lebron has? Small sample pool no shit, but who cares, it's not an insult to Lebron to have such a comparison stop getting your panties in a knot you sensitive Lebron stans - jesus christ you stans act like such ph@66its this is why team fans >>>>>>> stans
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