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Default Re: Now that Kobe has decided to be a facilitator, is he better at it than Lebron James?

Originally Posted by imdaman99
so now all of a sudden shaq nor lebron have an ego. i can see lebron settling to be #2, but shaq hated the attention kobe and wade got. im pretty sure he didnt like penny stealing his fame in orlando either. so yeah, 7-8 rings. doubt it dude. plus, kobe took over in 4th quarters against the spurs, with bruce bowen even. lebron shrunk against the spurs. so whos to say they ever get by them. maybe once or twice.

Who was that big, 7'2 monster of a man that was playing along side Kobe, when he was going off?

Who were that pathetic bunch of scrubs that were playing along side LBJ, when he faced the Spurs?
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