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Default Re: Scottie Pippen: Underrated/Overrated?

Originally Posted by Go Getter
I don't know if I'd build a franchise around him because he wasn't a great shot creator for himself but other than that and his ego issues I can't think of anything to criticize about his game. You could nitpick but really, Pip could do it all and was one of the best perimeter defenders ever.
Magic wasnt that great at creating his own shot. Id say he got by. He was great at getting the ball to players who could get their own shot. The key is you bring in players to cover the Franchise players shortcomings. Theres no way you can honestly say the Bulls.wouldnt have won championship in 94 if they had Latrell Sprewell instead of Pete Myers.

Theres no doubt Pippen woukdve won an MVP, in 94 had the Bulls did a better job of replacing Jordan. They wouldve won 62 games and win the Finals
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