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Default Re: Scottie Pippen: Underrated/Overrated?

Originally Posted by SilkkTheShocker
I would take Pippen over Melo.

Pippen is the GOAT perimeter defender, was an MVP caliber player, and at least a top 5 player (and the best all-around player) and the best SF in his prime. 6 rings, 9 conference finals, and 16 consecutive years in the playoffs.

Melo got knocked out the first round 5 straight years before Chauncey came to Denver and ran the Nuggets offense.

Scottie could realistically put up 22-23 points a game...or 9 rebounds...or 8 assists and get DPOY talk. And play the point. And defend virtually anyone over 6' and quite a few guys in the 7 foot range.

Melo is clearly a better scorer..but its not like we have a history of him winning anything to suggest they would use it to a teams benefit more than a team could use Pippens more well rounded game. Melo can have his extra points, I'll take Scottie's playmaking and ability to run the offense as a 6'8" small forward as well as Scottie's superior IQ, superior rebounding and elite defense whether it be 1 on 1 defense vs several different positions or his excellent help defense.
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