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Default Re: This is how Kobe gets to work everyday...

Originally Posted by MichaelCheazley
That "you hate him cause you wish you had his life" defense mechanism is bull shit. Most haters of certain successful people are fans of other successful people. That is not the reason for hate. Maybe its due to idiotic fanboys which are a majority of his fans that can't talk or argue about basketball logically? Maybe it's his selfish playing style? Maybe it's his run teammates out of the city and demand trades attitude? Maybe its bitter MJ fans that are mad that he took aspects of Mj's game? Maybe its radical feminists believing that the white chick was actually raped? Maybe it's Hardcore religious people mad at his adultery? Maybe he ****ed their sister? Maybe they're Smush Parker? There are hundreds of reasons...THAT I highly doubt is one. Especially because most haters are lebron fans and im pretty sure hes capable of doing that and they dont hate him....
LOL, only a weak minded baboon would hate on somebody because of their fans.
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