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Default Re: Scottie Pippen: Underrated/Overrated?

Originally Posted by Glide2keva
Underrated by casual fans, overrated by Jordan bashers and rated correctly by NBA experts and Bulls fans.

I've heard "NBA experts" saying "some people don't remember, but Pippen was the 2nd best player in the league for a few years when they were playing together". They referring to Jordan. Which is false.

Hes overrated. Particularly by NBA experts. Some of them talk as if he was a better player than Ewing, Clyde, Isiah, Barkley, etc.
Pippen was a great player, no doubt, but people remember him as far better than what he actually was due to his achievements in a team. Certain posters act as if he'd be a guaranteed lock for top 5 player in the league right now for most of his career, when in reality he'd be a fringe top 10-15 guy, like he was back in his day.
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