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Default Re: Ranking Pat Riley, Greg Pop and Phil Jackson in different categories

Originally Posted by rmt
Don't agree with posters regarding rotations and Pop. He had man-love for Finley (over Hill) and Bonner/Blair (over Splitter). PJ and Riley played their best players in crunch-time instead of leaving them on the bench until it was too late.

I think the only category where Pop stands out from PJ and Riley is developing young talent. He has done a masterful job on Parker and to a lesser extent Hill and Leonard. PJ takes the cake on managing egos.

OT: Do you think Riley is sanctioning Spoelstra's small ball line-ups? You'd think he would have to be - but it just goes against the image of Riley/defense.

O that's valid to bring up about Pop. He has had a tendency lean on certain players, even when those players aren't necessarily the best option.
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