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Default Re: I'm tired of this "Nellie made Dirk" stuff.

Well, lets take a look at the lineup of the "Nellie era" and determine this:

PG- Steve Nash
SG- Michael Finley
SF- Adrian Griffin/Antawn Jamison
PF- Dirk Nowitzsk
C- Sean Bradley/Raef Lafrentz

Now tell me again who out there is a good defender without laughing? Exactly, the Mavs were built then to do one thing: run. Nellie is the BEST at working with the talent he has and adjusting his style to go along with the team. Kind of the polar opposite of a Larry Brown.
you're acting like Nellie was handed this team and that's all he could do with it. that is not the case. Nellie MADE this team because that's what he wants. he doesn't want a title. he wants to score a lot. he wants to have fun. he could easily have made moves for a playoff-type team but either he doesn't know how to construct one or it doesn't interest him. either way... he's not a championship caliber coach.

I think the major point that GeeWiz overlooked is that during Don Nelson's stint with Dallas their competition in the West was actually tougher.
I realize that, however explain to me how with less talent (only one all-star) this team is more suited to a championship.

I don't really feel like going into why Avery's style is more suited to a championship than Nellie's is. Avery's got a high post offense with cutters, order, and smart play with a focus on teamwork and defense. Nellie's got a run-and-shoot 3s defense with defense being an absolute joke- I can remember Nash letting his guy blow by him and literally lining up to receive the inbounds pass so he could quickly score on the other end before the guy even scored. cmon.

if Nellie's Mavs played today they wouldn't make the Finals like last year's Mavs did. they'd do better against the Warriors but can anyone argue with me that the Mavs could have taken ANY other team in the playoffs easily except maybe the Jazz (again because of matchups, Dirk on Boozer)? these Mavs are a great team that had a crucial thing missing but if they had to play the Clippers first round I could definitely see them winning the title this year. besides, it's the players who choked this series, not the coach. when your franchise player is shooting 2-13 in a closeout, there's no way you can coach around that, you're finished.

and what's this about Avery's offense needing work? you're judging off ONE SERIES that he will learn from. did you watch them all regular season? I can remember thinking, "how can this team possibly lose?" because every single trip down the court they got either a shot in the paint or an open jumpshot. every single time down, against every single team.

Avery got outcoached by Nellie but that is how you learn. his offense is just fine. the Mavs aren't THAT talented on that end yet they get a quality shot almost every possession and have a high-post focus which I believe to be the best setup there is.
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