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Default Re: Pau Gasol is revealing himself as a very selfish player

Originally Posted by LoneyROY7
It's embarrassing that a player who when traded to the Lakers was pivotal in leading them to 3 straight finals and 2 championships is unhappy about being on the bench?

No. What's embarrassing is D'Antoni's inability to utilize him effectively.

Forget the past, Clark has been a MUCH better player than Pau THIS year and it's NOT even close. It'd be one thing if they benched him for a guy who wasn't producing but that's not the case.

The team is demonstrably better with each big having the post to themselves. Either he accepts it or asks for a trade. I am just tired of his bitching. If ****ing Manu can come off the bench for lesser players for the good of the team, it's not too much to ask Pau to do the same. Especially when we're starting a player who is just flat-out better right now!
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