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Default Re: Ranking Pat Riley, Greg Pop and Phil Jackson in different categories

Originally Posted by Graviton
That's because Doc is massively overrated and clueless about offense/defense. Him being a good "player coach" and motivator overshadows his team's actual performance on the court. What other coach will keep getting mentioned with Pop as best coaches with his team below .500 in the freaking Eastern Conference.

What Thibs is doing with the current Bulls roster is amazing, he is terrible at managing minutes but he gets the most out of his players. He is a great "player coach" on top of being the best defensive coach and implementing an efficient offense focused on team ball movement and unselfishness.

Only thing Doc knows how to do is give the ball to Rondo and let him do whatever. No wonder after Thibs left, Boston has never been the same team. Thibs was the real factor behind that 2008 Celtic defense and their championship.

He has improved as a coach though. I remember back in the day, Bill Simmons wrote an article about Rivers making him seem like the worst coach in the nba
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