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Default Re: Ranking Pat Riley, Greg Pop and Phil Jackson in different categories

Offensive schemes: Phil Jackson
Defensive schemes: Tie between Gregg Popovich and Pat Riley
In game adjustments: Gregg Popovich
Rotations: Gregg Popovich
Developing young talent: Gregg Popovich
Managing egos: Pat Riley
Adjusting to aging rosters: Gregg Popovich

I wrote down Gregg Popovich so many times but it doesn't make him a better or greater coach than Riley or P-Jax.

I believe Pat Riley is the most versatile of these 3. He was the coach of arguably the goat offensive team and I can imagine him coaching a team like the mid '00s Spurs leading to the title.

And people whom saying P-Jax always had a loaded team should hand it to him. In his 20 year coaching career, he coached a contender team 16 times, got to the NBA Finals 13 times and won it all 11 times. The guy had the best winning formula.

In my goat coaches list, top 3 is like this;
1. Phil Jackson
2. Pat Riley
3. Gregg Popovich
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