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Default Re: Jackson accuses Utah fans of racial slurs

Originally Posted by final.wrath
small world.

was it difficult for you to leave the religion? did your family and friends treat you differently?

Oh. I just kind of.. stopped going. My mom doesn't goto church anymore, nor does my sister. But 2 of my brothers do. My brother's kids all go. He stopped going for a long time, did drugs, etc, but went back. My dad and his wife go.

I've gone and played ball with them since all the churches have indoor basketball courts. No one ever has had any problem with me. Plenty of non-Mormon people come along, too.

Even when I went through my stoner stage, I don't think I ever ran into any of my old Mormon friends that acted any differently towards me.

Granted, most of my friends were not Mormons. I had a few Mormon friends, but we didn't hang out as much as my non-Mormon friends.

For the most part.. they just wanna hang out. Do typical stuff. Goto church dances. Play basketball. Hang out. See a movie (some of them don't watch R-rated movies, but plenty do). Basically anything that doesn't involve drugs, they'll want to do.

It's actually kind of sad.. if you've ever seen the stereotypical Mormon on South Park. They're all dressed nice, clean cut, etc.. "HEY GUYS, WANT TO MAKE STUFF OUT OF EGG CARTONS?"

Extremely overly nice, don't want to offend anyone, etc..

I seriously laughed so hard at that part, because that's how it is sometimes.
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