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Default Re: I'm tired of this "Nellie made Dirk" stuff.

Nellie was the GM early on.. but he dragged a team out of the gutter and people are complaining they weren't good enough? Look how many coaches couldn't resurrect the Warriors.. it wasn't because they didn't have talent..

But Nellie didn't have total control either.. Cuban made a lot fo decisions too.. and he wanted to win now.. Nellie didn't have the luxury of drafting and winning later.. he had to win NOW.. or he was gone..

Dirk is so good now you cna put any one dimensional defensive stiff next to him and he can make it work.. it wasn't always like that.. just for the fact he got no respect from officials -- and he still doesn't..

If Avery did anyhting for Dirk that was it.. politics. he panders to the league to meet their expectations.. I don't respect that..

edit: Cuban started making most the GMing decisions around the time Raef was signed to a huge deal.. after that Nellie just made draft picks because he is such a great talent evaluator..

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