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Default Re: I'm tired of this "Nellie made Dirk" stuff.

Originally Posted by geeWiz15
I realize everyone loves the Warriors and is riding Don Nelson's nuts and everything, but this is getting out of hand.
I predicted Warriors in five, no bandwagon or surprise from me.. other than Fab's surprisingly accurate predictions.

flash back to the end of the Don Nelson era. what did this team do? win a lot of regular season games and then bomb in the playoffs. what was Dirk? he was a soft ass Euro jumpshooter. what were the Mavs? they were a no-defense playing joke who nobody took seriously in the playoffs.

Well, lets take a look at the lineup of the "Nellie era" and determine this:

PG- Steve Nash
SG- Michael Finley
SF- Adrian Griffin/Antawn Jamison
PF- Dirk Nowitzsk
C- Sean Bradley/Raef Lafrentz

Now tell me again who out there is a good defender without laughing? Exactly, the Mavs were built then to do one thing: run. Nellie is the BEST at working with the talent he has and adjusting his style to go along with the team. Kind of the polar opposite of a Larry Brown.

The fact they lost lots of close games during the Nellie era was because they didn't have a single defender to put on the opposing star, whether it be Webber, Shaq, Bryant, or even Peja; no one on the roster had the ability of even containing these players.

At this point Dirk was still a project. He had talent: the ability to shoot and fadeaway over defenders. Nellie said right as stepped down as head coach that Dirk was finally entering his prime. Dirk learned how to rebound and play defense because of Nellie, not Avery or any other joke(Cuban? )
make fun of the Mavs all you want... make fun of Avery all you want cause he did not coach this series well. but Nellie did not make Dirk. Nellie made a soft who scores a lot; Avery made a LEGITIMATE contender, and a LEGITIMATE top 5 player. Nellie traded for redundant players because all he can do is push the ball and shoot 3s and score a lot; Avery knows how to construct, again, a LEGITIMATE contending team. despite the EPIC choke that was this first round, the Mavs are still any way you slice it a more serious playoff threat than they have EVER been especially in the Nellie days.

That's just simply not true. Nellie was working with the media proclaimed "bust" after his second year in the league. HE was the one that was developing him into the player. Ask Dirk himself, Avery didn't teach sh*t in his couple of years.

I also like the stereotype that Nellie's teams don't play d. That theory was just blown out of the water in the Mavs series don't you think? He had them shooting sub 40% much of the time. Again, he simply works with the talent he has and maximizes it.

these Warriors are my favorite team since the pre-Carter Nets. it's strictly a bandwagon thing but I love how they play. and Avery is just what this PARTICULAR team needs. the Warriors are a bunch of individual players who are all cold hearted sons of *****es that just need DIRECTION. they know how to play, they know how to defend, they've got killer instinct to spare and want to go out there and slit some throats; they just need direction, a system, and a guiding hand to bring all that athletic and otherwise talent together. THAT is what Nellie is great at. most teams however do not have that luxury. and rest assured... that is not enough for a serious contender. I love these Warriors but they are not winning the Finals. Nellie will never win the Finals.

Nellie had to go through tougher competition for another thing.

Avery, however, will. I can all but promise it. given equal talent to start, I would pick Avery to coach a legit championship team over Nellie in a second.

That's just laughable. A coach that doesn't know how to make adjustments or simply compete with faster paced teams is supposed to "win" the finals?

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