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Default Re: Jackson accuses Utah fans of racial slurs

Originally Posted by D-Town-Raised
This proves a point. My point is not that Utah is more racist then anywhere else in America. My point is sheer numbers determine the liklihood of an event occuring. Utahs prison has a huge Aryan Nation sect. The difference between Utah and California is that they vastly outnumber the Black Men in prison in Utah. Aryan members in Utah are much more likely to kill a Black Man in Utah then in California. Because they are more racist then the California sect? No. Because they have a huge numbers advantage and do not have to worry about a full scale riot and answering to what they have done.

For the poster who stated it is rhetoric to state that a 99% white crowd is more likely to throw a racial slur then a 75% one no it is not. It is pure fact. Ever heard when the Cat is away the mice will play.

I am stating that I believe Stephen Jackson. The laws of numbers prevail. It only takes one man. One man is much more likely in a 99% white crowd to throw a slur simply because of the law of numbers. Do you think if he was sitting between a Black family he would have said it. No. The only thing that changed was the demographics.
I appreciate that you believe that Utah is racist (although you have never lived there and have zero evidence of racism beyond 1978). Go ahead and believe that. What I will tell you is that I have lived in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose, Seattle, Salt Lake, Denmark, Germany, England and Switzerland. Salt Lake is (with the possible exception of London), the least racist place I have ever lived.

I believe that Stephen Jackson is lying, and played the race card because he knows that there is no way to prove him wrong. Now that is my opinion, but I am basing this on the fact that Jackson has no credibility, and on my experience living in Salt Lake.
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