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Default Re: Who would you draft over Shaq?

Russell maybe

NOBODY is drafting a perimeter player
over SHAQ or any on the greatest centers of
all time.

A center,great big man is rarer and more dominating and
changes the game and opposing team defense than
a perimeter player.As great as Jordan was
Wilt was even more dominating and a far better offensive nightmare
for the opposing team.They made so many rules to curtail wilt,shaq dominance than anything else.Adding zone defense,widening the lane,off and def 3 sec,5 sec back to the basket,intentional fouling,doubles on the off ball fronting,Adding the 3 pt line,Having to shoot free throws from behind the line,no 3 for 2s,Changing the way shots can be blocked.

Wilt avg 50,25,2,and however many blocks,at 60+% fg FOR A SEASON.
He avg 35,25 his first 7 years,he got 30000 pts in only 499
games about 7 seasons,Shaq was avg 35,12,3,2 in the finals
Kareem avg 20,9 for 20 SEASONS,Russell avg 20 rebounds for HIS CAREER

The sheer dominance of any of these centers and the problems and struggles they created for the opposing team makes them num 1 picks over ANY perimeter player.
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