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Default Re: Who is watching this??? Lakers are BACK!!!!!

Man if all it takes is one game against the mediocre jazz and Kobe
playing like Nash rather than what he plays like his whole career like Kobe shoot
first,second,third and then help the team

then y'all are beyond delusional,mentally incapacitated,and are ignorant.

THEY won one game,2/12 their last Ten GAMES.
They lost the last 7 games before this,their next
game is against the THUNDER.And like the lakers always play a
sf and especially a guard kills the lakers.

If all it takes is one game then whoa look out the Wizards,Cavs are back right.
All this hype and they're only 4 games ahead of the kings and suns from the very bottom and are 7 games from .500 and 8th seed meaning for the lakers to just remain .500 they have to win the next 7 in a row just to have a chance.
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