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Default Re: Who would you draft over Shaq?

Originally Posted by gengiskhan
disagree brother!

Not every NCAA success story is guaranteed NBA Success (HINT: christian Lattner was suppose to be NEXT Larry Bird)

Laettner was never the GOAT college player. Mentioning him in the same breath as Alcindor is ridiculous. Attempting to equate a "success story" to GOAT level is only something people with agendas would do, as they're only interested in proving their "point" and thus don't have an issue with taking liberties with the truth.

If you look at the college GOATs, Alcindor, Walton, Russell and Robertson, they were all all-time greats in the NBA as well, with the only note being that Walton's greatness was limited to a couple of seasons due to injury, but during that brief period he was an all-time great. (On an aside, it's also a more compelling argument when a player's dominance extends to multiple levels of play. If you dominate in college and continue to dominate once you get to the pros, being a GOAT candidate on both levels, that's definitely a plus as it means their dominance is transcedent.)
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