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Default Re: Who would you draft over Shaq?

Originally Posted by Deuce Bigalow
Chamberlain has half the rings Shaq has and yet he's a "far better center" than Shaq? I want a player that dominates in the Playoffs and Finals during the modern era.

Wilt had a few bad playoff games in his career - a very few - but he ALWAYS carried a full load of wood for teammates. The only truly stacked team he ever had was the '67 Sixers - that same team was ruined with injuries in the '68 playoffs.

Meanwhile that dominating Shaq...................................
1993-94 Indiana Pacers sweep Orlando Magic in first round
1994-95 Houston Rockets sweep Orlando Magic in NBA Finals
1995-96 Chicago Bulls sweep Orlando Magic in Eastern Conference Finals
1997-98 Utah Jazz sweep Los Angeles Lakers in Western Conference Finals
1998-99 San Antonio Spurs sweep Los Angeles Lakers in Western Conference
2006-07 Chicago Bulls sweep Miami Heat in first round

Rings are won by teams, no question, but Chamberlain was always able to drag teams along behind him while Shaq had a lot dismal playoff failures even with some great teammates.
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