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Default Re: Who would you draft over Shaq?

Originally Posted by DMV2
Partially agree with you but I think Kareem's legendary success at UCLA would get him some votes over Shaq on draft night.

disagree brother!

Not every NCAA success story is guaranteed NBA Success (HINT: christian Lattner was suppose to be NEXT Larry Bird)

-With Shaq I get exactly What I see.

-Height of 7'1"
-Huge massive hands. Long Wingspan. Brute Force. Built like 3 trucks put into one.
-UNSTOPPABLE within 6 feet radius of the basket.
-Huge Hands guarantees tight ball handling in heavy traffic & one handed brutal dunks within 3 feet of the Basket.
-Nobody in the history of NBA can match this combo of Brutal force, height, wingspan, hand size & position. NOBODY !!!

I'll take it. Atleast 1 title is GUARANTEED (probably even 2 titles)!

with MJ, Magic, Bird, Kareem, Wilt, Russell, Hakeem, I am not GUARANTEED I can win atleast 1 title without Building a perfect team around them.
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