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Default Re: LeBron James right now is the best player of all time

Originally Posted by Money 23
Scoring: MJ
Penetration: MJ
Post: MJ
Jumpshot: MJ
Open-court: Push
Finishing: MJ (combo of power, finesse, and creativity)
Offensive repertoire: MJ
Passing: Bron
Rebounding: Bron
Offensive rebounding: MJ
Defensive rebounding: Bron
Defense: MJ
On-ball defense (perimeter): MJ
On-ball defense (post): MJ
Off-ball defense: MJ
Team defense: Bron
Defensive versatility: Bron
Steals: MJ
Blocks: MJ
Shooting: MJ
Mid-range: MJ
Three-point: Push (MJ's 3 ball is now CRIMINALLY underrated)
Free-throws: MJ
Facilitating Offense: Bron
Handles: Push
Dribble Moves: MJ
Efficiency: Push
Clutch: MJ
Mental game: MJ
B-ball I.Q.: Push
Quicker Recognition: MJ
Better teammate: Bron
Leadership: MJ
Heart: MJ

MJ takes the vast majority of these categories, handily.

With that said, LeBron is easily the best player IMO since MJ retired (yes, better than Shaq) and will probably go down as the 2nd greatest perimeter talent of all-time, and a top five player depending on how man MVPs and Rings he racks up.

His game is this basketball melting pot of greats. The way he can switch from Magic mode, to Pippen mode, to the occasional SUPER SCARY game 6 Jordan mode, once he finally learned at times he has to dominate.
Heart isn't really a thing you can give MJ over lebron I would say equal. They both work heavily in the off season and play to their best nearly all the time if anything MJ slacked off more partying and shit lol. You can tell how much he ended up taking the 2011 finals result to heart. I mean when you say heart that's love for the game just because you're a better player doesn't mean you loved it more. Check that one as a push. Finishing is also a push creativity and finesse mean nothing in this that's just visually pleasing and lebron certainly brought more power to it. But for productivity in finishing which is all that matters, they are tied. I agree overall tho. LeBron although not near MJ career wise, he is one of the closest to him talent wise and has solidified to me to be a top 5 talent all time.

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