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Default Re: LeBron James right now is the best player of all time

To the Original poster:

You're not crazy, or an idiot, or any of a number of insults people here might throw at you. I can see how someone might arrive at this conclusion.

You are however wrong and here is why.

First what do you mean by "best" and how do you quantify it?

Just to take Jordan for example (though there are others imo who's 'bests' are better than lebrons best). Jordan Clearly had a superior offensive game. In pretty much every way you can be superior. Better Shooter, Better footwork, better slasher, better post up player, better at the free throw line. the only place I see lebron being as good or better than Jordan (offensively speaking) is finishing at the rim.

Here is a fun game Ill make a list of every attribute by which you can measure or rate a player and you give the category to MJ or LBJ.... If you think of a category that I missed let me know. Ill list everything I can thiink of. Not just cherry pick stats that favor one player or another

At the Rim-
Free throw-
Post moves-
Foot work-
Reading the defender-
Clutch Scoring-
Drawing fouls
Open Court play-
Ball handling -
Playing off the Ball-
Man to Man-
Team player on Defense-
Cutting off Driving lanes-
Shot Blocking-
Getting Steals-
Forcing Turnovers-
Full court Defense-
Open court passes-
Finding open team mates-
Fancy deceptive passes-
Driving and Kicking-
facilitating Ball rotation-
Small window passing-
Cluth play -
Making teammates better-
Knowing Time and score situation-
Taking care of the ball-

... If you can think of other measures of a player please add them.
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