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Default Re: He's taking his talents to South Beach

Originally Posted by talkingconch
Wade would be ignored out of the building stan

Hardly. LeBron and Kobe would be a match made in hell. Kobe would never be humble enough to sacrifice the way Wade has.

And the Lakers would be much better with Wade than Kobe. Wade likes to pass the ball every game, not just when the mood strikes. Howard and Gasol would feast. Pick-and-roll combos would be downright lethal.

And then bye-bye chemistry problems. No more grumpy bigs. Wade would much rather average 25/7 than 30 ppg (as a #1). Plus Wade's a decidedly better defender than Bryant at this stage, perimeter defense being one of the Lakers' major issues.

The only issue is that having Wade and Nash would be somewhat redundant. Wade can do everything Nash can do off a p/r except shoot from the outside, but, unlike Nash, he can also use it to explode to the basket. Wade, assuming he stayed healthy, would be downright frightening running the show in a D'Antoni system, actually, as long as they actually pushed the pace-- especially in the no-defense West.

In fact, if the Lakers hadn't acquired Nash, if I were the Lakers I'd seriously be trying to sell the Heat on Howard for Wade, so long as Wade agreed to return to his rookie PG position. Kobe would still do what he does (shoot/ score) and Wade would be the do-everything point.

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