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Default Re: Extremely precise player scaling chart based on basketball perspective/diameter

Originally Posted by no pun intended
Correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't this depend on the distance of the ball relative to the camera? For example, Thurmond is holding the ball behind him while James is holding the ball in front of him, thus rendering this image deceptive. I don't know; just a thought.
Again, it's all about the distance from the subject / lenses aperature / etc - I deliberately picked images where the subject is very far away from the photographer, and where the basketballs are extremely close to the subject plane, thus, eliminating as much potential "perspective" distortion as possible. I understand exactly what you guys are saying and what your concerns are, and I've already accounted for it and made an effort not to select images with any noticeable amount of perspective change. Let me give you guys an example:

This was an image taken with the appropriate lens type to reduce distortion however, the subject (Lebron) is extremely close to the camera, thus even if his full body were in the shot the image would not be able to be used simply because he is so close. In fact, because of this reason I've found almost no "media day" style photographs can be used because the camera man is always too close to the players. Note how the effect of perspective is exaggerated on Lebron. However, also note that Ray Allen who is a bit further away, is less effected by depth of field distortion.

In this image, all subjects are relatively distant from the camera, and as a result, the distorting effect of perspective becomes greatly reduced. It is distant images like these that I'm hunting for, though obviously where the players full body is visible.
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