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Default Re: LeBron James tackles fan after half-court shot

Originally Posted by CP3MVP
He definitely seems more likable in general now than The Decision/Check My $tats/Sideline Dancing days. I think finally getting that ring has made him a bit more humble and chill now.

I think what humbled him was losing in such a humiliating fashion in 2011. He was very likable last year. Very composed and respectful even in games that were clearly won. Even told Chalmers to stop showboating in that one game. Compare that to the Lebron that danced in the Chicago game or even the one that made such a show of beating of Boston in 2011 (he and Wade were hugging each other and damn near crying and sh*t. It was ridiculous).

He's definitely a more level headed, adult minded individual now. As much as I hate the ESPN "he's a better person now, and that's why he won" profiles, I think it might be accurate in this instance.
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