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Default Re: Boston blows a 20 pt lead because they have a "d*ckhed for a coach"

Originally Posted by sportsfan76
Doc Rivers has to be the biggest d*ckhead on the planet since he just stands there and watches his team collapse and does............NOTHING.

What the F*ck is this d*ckhead paid to do? Stand on the court and look crazy? He makes no adjustments and draws up sh"tty plays when the game is on the line. Is Doc Rivers really dumb enough to not know who Kyle Korver is? He has been in the league since 2003

I would sleep so much better at night if he was fired.

They blew a 13 point lead in the 4th Q in game 7 nba finals 2010, Doc let that slide and called some terrible plays.

He's average.
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