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Default Re: Extremely precise player scaling chart based on basketball perspective/diameter

Originally Posted by ralph_i_el
The balls that you are using to scale aren't in the same relation to each player. look at the kevin love. The ball is in front of him and so if you scaled it to the other balls love would be in the background. Just look at the guy next to him. His ball is behind his torso slightly
Your correct, that's why I've been finding images where the camera was a great distance away from the source - because it greatly reduces any scaling changes with perspective. The aim is to get the camera far enough away from the sources and using lenses ideally in the 35-100mm range so that the scaling differences when the ball is within a foot of the same plane becomes basically negligible. Also, as you can see, I am making an effort to keep the ball as close to the plane of the subject as possible in every image.
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