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Default Re: Karl Malone on Dan Patrick Show "Charles is the 3d Best PF, Duncan is a Center...

Originally Posted by rmt
Don't see why Duncan should be penalized because he is versatile enough to play both positions. In his prime he was a PF. As he's gotten older and slower and the league has gotten smaller and quicker, he's played more center.

I disagree with the poster who says when Splitter is on the floor, TD plays center. Offensively, Splitter plays near the basket as he has no jump shot. Duncan is the one jump shooting when Splitter or Blair is on the floor with him. When Diaw or Bonner is with him, he plays center. On defense, he plays center now because he's too slow to guard the PFs.

He's played with all kinds of big men - DRob, Malik, Rasho, Horry, Oberto, Elson, McDyess, Blair, Bonner, Diaw and Splitter. Some could only play near the basket - some could shoot from distance. That's the beauty of having a player like TD - can play with ALL different kinds of players.

A center should be judged, first and foremost, on what he does defensively. Defensively, Duncan is the center.

Also, just because Splitter is closer to the basket doesn't mean he's playing center. He cuts a lot. When Duncan gets in the high post or near the FT line, you can see the way he's positioned is as the center.

Originally Posted by fpliii
Tim Duncan

I was going to quote the other post but you posted your reply in my quote so I can't.

I agree, on Duncan and Robinson. Defensively, they were playing with two centers...but that's in essence. They took at Twin Towers approach but Duncan was the PF on defense. I think you qualify a center thru his defense before anything else. Robinson, for all his versatility and face-up game, was the absolute prototype as a defensive center. Added to that, he was quicker and more athletic than just about any PF in the league, much less C. Offensively, he faced up and Duncan played in the post. Defensively, he was the guy at C.
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