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Default Re: GT: OKC (33-10) @ Kings (16-27) 25th/1/2013: Old Sonics vs New Sonics

Originally Posted by pauk
...and not even that was entirely needed, he should have went to bench in the 4th.
Really? They turned a 21 point lead into a 14 point lead about 2 minutes into the 4th. Who knows what happens if he and Westbrook are both on the bench the rest of the game. This is the same team that, four or five times this year, have seen a 15-20 point lead to start the fourth almost completely disappear 5-6 minutes into the fourth with Durant and Westbrook both on the bench. Hell, last time we played Sacramento in OKC, the Kings turned a 21 point lead into a 5 point lead in the fourth quarter with KD and Russ on the bench.

Like it or not, he's entering LeBron territory this year, where it can look and feel like he's not doing much, and still finish with something like 25-10-5-2 in a blowout win like tonight.
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