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Default Re: Extremely precise player scaling chart based on basketball perspective/diameter

Originally Posted by fpliii
Thanks for your work!

Are you thinking about putting more players in there (particularly guards?). It would be really nice if you could do the top 50 players on that ISH list, but that'll take ages.

Anyhow, great stuff.
I've been trying to get all the top 10 centers of Wilt's era so that I can eventually put them next to a top 10 of the last half decade and it's taken me weeks just to find these few images (Still missing Bellamy/Lucas/Lanier/Cowens) so I highly doubt I'd ever get a chance to do a "top 50" chart

My aim is to finally put the stupid Wilt faced weak/short centers myth to bed. Then I'll move on to pretty much any wide variety of players. I'm still figuring out how zoom lenses effect distortion though, Lebron looks a bit too full compared to the other players on that scale chart IMO, and I'm thinking ultra long telephoto zoom lenses might be altering the persepective more than I thought. 400+ telephoto lenses seem to be "filling out" the subject significantly more (and more unnaturally) than the 35-200mm shots now that I look closer at it. This means I'll have to be even more selective and have even fewer possible images that meet requirements for scaling.

*EDIT* added a new pic of Lebron from a source w/o such an extreme telephoto lens and the illusion is fixed, so now I definitely know not to use images with too much zoom

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