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Default Re: R.I.P. Paul Pierce

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
^ I don't see how they can claim Rondo is the future of the team, when they've made no effort to get guys who can play the running style Rondo should be playing.

I would say that's more on Rivers than on Ainge. If Rivers wanted to play that way, then Ainge would know and Ainge would pursue the right players.

They have too many guys for the same spots. Green is not gonna get enough minutes behind Pierce. If you play him as a tweener 4 off the bench, you have Bass to contend with. Then you have Sullinger, who is better than both of them. Courtney Lee should be starting, but because of a bad start he's on the bench. And you have Terry starting? Alongside a guy who only passes for the assist? That's not how Rondo plays but it's how he's being made to play, because of Rivers' system, because of the players put around him.

Everything is about why isn't the team tailored to him? Bradley should be playing off the bench with Terry. Two combo guards, with Bradley able to come off the bench and do what Rondo does (when he still does it) as a starter, defensively. Lee clearly combines well with Rondo. He should be starting. But the second Bradley was healthy he gets thrown right back into the starting lineup. Lee is a better fit, but everyone hates him right now. If you're gonna start Bradley, then trade Lee. But do something.
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