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Default Re: Boston blows a 20 pt lead because they have a "d*ckhed for a coach"

Originally Posted by SpecialQue
Also...Dwight for Rondo. Do you Celtic fans pull the trigger?

Howard and Nash for Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo and Jason Terry

Since the Celtics and Lakers are both scuffling, why not shake things up with a blockbuster trade that would feature four of the league's biggest names? From the Lakers' perspective, Garnett would be a much better fit in the frontcourt than Howard. His still-elite defense would solve a lot of L.A.'s problems at that end, and his pick-and-pop game would space the floor for Gasol. Getting Rondo as the centerpiece of the next iteration of the Lakers would help salvage giving up Howard, and Terry could provide scoring punch and outside shooting off the bench.

For Boston, the vision would be longer term, as a re-signed Howard would be an anchor for years to come and an upgrade on Rondo in that role. Adding Nash allows the Celtics to remain competitive, and Doc Rivers has plenty of alternatives to Terry in the backcourt now that Avery Bradley is healthy. If Danny Ainge is going to break up the Boston core, he may as well aim as high as Howard.

There are plenty of reasons why this wouldn't work. A Rondo-Bryant backcourt is a tough fit because Rondo needs the ball in his hands. Unlike Nash, he is not dangerous as a spot-up shooter. Pairing two defenders in Bryant and Rondo who like to freelance and take risks could prove disastrous in terms of contesting outside shots. Ultimately, the Celtics probably say no because they take on the same risk as the Lakers of Howard leaving.
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