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Default Re: Karl Malone on Dan Patrick Show "Charles is the 3d Best PF, Duncan is a Center...

Originally Posted by bdreason
Spurs have started other guys at Center besides Robinson over the years. They were just scrubby, big-body guys like Nesterovic, Muhammed, Willis, Oberto, and Elson... so nobody remembers them.

I'd say Duncan has played Center since maybe 2007-2008. That was more out of necessity though, as the league changed, and it became all about spreading the floor and getting the rim (and the FT line). I mean, can you imagine an early 2000's Popovich team playing like they do now? Shooting all these 3's? Pop would probably have had a heart attack.

And I have no problem with Malone over KG. I just feel like KG has both the higher peak and better accolades.

I remember all those guys. They sucked. Duncan said publicly that he wanted to stay at PF.

I'm guessing that the Clippers would have matched, but the Spurs could have pursued Elton Brand. He was a RFA the Summer after Robinson retired. They could also have pursued Karl Malone, even for one season. He was interested in them. But Duncan would have had to move to C and he didn't want to.

Duncan played PF and of that there should be no doubt. In 07/08 Oberto wa still the starting C. But Duncan moved there the next year. McDyess was never playing C.
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