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Default Re: Karl Malone on Dan Patrick Show "Charles is the 3d Best PF, Duncan is a Center...

Duncan can play either the PF or C position extremely well

GM Survey 2002

Who is the NBA's best power forward?
Tim Duncan - 80.8%
*Kevin Garnett - 11.5%
*Dirk Nowitzki - 7.7%

GM Survey 2007

Who is the best power forward in the NBA?

1. Tim Duncan, San Antonio 48.1%
2. Kevin Garnett, Boston 25.9%
3. Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas 18.5%

Who is the best center in the NBA?
1. Tim Duncan, San Antonio 48.1%
2. Yao Ming, Houston Rockets 33.3%
3. Dwight Howard, Orlando 7.4%
Shaquille O'Neal, Miami 7.4%
5. Amare Stoudemire, Phoenix 3.7%

However,Duncan in his prime was first and foremost a PF.He had good handles,solid first step and mid-range game for a big man.Tim could score in a variety of ways.He was a very versatile player.

Tim Duncan 2001 Playoffs: 40pts, Gm 2 vs. LA Lakers
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