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Default Lin actually played well today 13/5/8asts/6stls

meh, against the pelicans.

i'm sure ya'll have seen these guys can work it out and be lethal together. but the growing pain is definitely visible. sometimes it's hard to watch. Lin can look like a total scrub who can't figure it out.

the bad stretch once again has reminded me that Lin is at his best when he plays with urgency. when lin is passive and constantly remind himself that he is a floor general then lin starts to suck. he is a free flowing slasher. he can't be methodical or calculating. what he needs to do is go out there and have a ride of his life. he needs to be instinctive and natural. he needs to stop thinking about how to be a pg. just ball. sometimes he need to say @$@##ck harden.

for harden, dude has no mid range game. it's either long range or his various iso attack which is great against pelicans of the world, but a none factor against good teams.

i still believe in Lin and i think he needs to take that next step to be a leader of the team. once he can do that, then i can really jump on lin & harden bandwagon. 2cents
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