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Default Re: Boston blows a 20 pt lead because they have a "d*ckhed for a coach"

No No No No.

The OP is right. This isn't one game. This is all he does. This streak is his fault. Just as this season is. Just as the level of loss in 2011 was his fault.

It's embarrassing that a coach who makes his name on his ability to inspire, teach and preach professionalism and hard work, and put out a team that plays unselfishly and like a team, can have a team that so regularly fails to put teams away, fails to regularly move off the ball, fails so regularly to do anything without Rondo first blessing the ball...and some of this, like playing down to opponents, has been going on since the first year together.

This is Doc Rivers' fault. Why does he get a pass for everything?
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