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Default Re: LeBron James right now is the best player of all time

Originally Posted by knicksman
The best player means most impactful player. If you are impactful then you must produce the wins or eventually the rings. So no, lebron is too far from jordan, magic. And theres more to basketball than just stats. It also considers fit. Jordan, magic produces impact while not diminishing the impact of his teammates. While lebron on the other hand reduces his teammates impact. He may produce the biggest impact in the league but if you subtract it with the reduced impact caused by him, the net impact he produces is not as great as people make it seem to be. Thats why I judged them based on off rtg coz what makes lebron overrated is his assists and points total compare to jordan/magic. But unless you think assists and points are part of defense, how come lebron doesnt produce the same off rtg as magic, jordan, durant.

This is a bag of wind.
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