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Default Re: GT: OKC (33-10) @ Kings (16-27) 25th/1/2013: Old Sonics vs New Sonics

Originally Posted by andremiller07
Very well said, man I have nearly lost all hope for Thornton this year hes just to damn good to be playing like this, the coach needs to play him 30+ mins a game and Jimmer actually deserves a few mins as well, we need to trade Brooks hes been a horrible pick up. If Thornton ever finds any form this year it will be a great help but with that coach we have its very doubful.

I don't think we need to trade Brooks. I don't want to bring in someone that we HAVE to play to see what he can do. He just needs to sit on the bench and wait for one of the other guards to get hurt. But this rollercoaster of trying to play like 5 guards (Tyreke, Thomas, Jimmer, Thorton, Brooks) all minutes is a mess.
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