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Default Re: LeBron James right now is the best player of all time

Originally Posted by HurricaneKid
There are 100 valid reasons why LeBron will never catch MJ. This is not one of them. It is better to have taken a team to the Finals than to have lost in the first round. Its a nonsensical argument. If a player can't even get his team into the playoffs its better than another player taking his team to the Finals and losing??

MJ lost in the first round to some legendary teams, and that was part of the making of his legacy. The "legacy", ie somewhat subjective part HAS to factor in to figuring out who the GOAT is. Otherwise we're just counting numbers from different eras.

The fact that once MJ got a taste of the finals, he kept coming back and winning, is a CRITICAL part of his legacy. If he had won his 6 rings in a 1010101 configuration instead of 3-peats, and had not shut out legends like Barkley and Malone, the debate around GOAT would be much more active. It's an argument based on perceptions, but the fact is if you watched basketball back in those days, MJ owned the league and had a mental edge on everyone that he rode to those 6 championships. Nobody has come close to doing that. LBJ doesn't just need 6 rings to compete with MJ, he needs some of them in succession. He needs to build that edge that nobody else has.

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