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Default Re: Jackson accuses Utah fans of racial slurs

And you base that on what? All your reason is based on hypothetical bs that is based around Utah is white, thus they like to see white players, thus they hate black players and won't cheer for them. Besides, you ever been to NBA games? Most places have majority white fans. And can you give proof that Utah is racist? Can you give proof that an Arena filled with 99% white people will be more racist then an arena with say 75% white people? You just make an assertion that white people are racist.

What about all those black players that refuse to play in Utah? Do you think A.I or Shaq would ever player there? Hmm let me make some stupid shyt up. Shaq is black, thus they he doesn't like white people, thus he wouldn't want to play for fans that are 95% white, geez maybe he's a racist.
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