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Default Re: LeBron James right now is the best player of all time

Lebron with Jordan's mentality would have been up there for the debate.

What does "best player of all time" even mean? There were amazing players in the history of the league. Guess if i had to name one it would have to be Jordan cause he changed Basketball. He made it an awesome sport for people who wren't fans before.

I've never seen a more dominant player than prime Shaq. He was like a videogame character noone could defend. The NBA had to change rules because of him.

The players i respect the most are the overachievers. That's Kobe and Wade for me. I know their fanbases would never agree on anything but these 2 guys are amazing. They achieved all they have achieved because of their winning mentality and hard work and no matter what team you root for you have to appreciate what they've done in their career.
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