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Default Re: Jackson accuses Utah fans of racial slurs

Originally Posted by ALBballer
Eh Mehmet Okur is Turkish, and I think most Americans would consider their local Turkish Gas owner an Arab rather then a white man. Even my dad who comes from Europe has been mistaken for an Arab because his name is Muhamet.

Second off, where the **** did you get 60% from? Was one of his parents 90% white and the other one 30% and you divided them up and got 60? Or were you just trying to post some rhetorical bullshyt that's been done hundreds of times, but yet fails to make sense because the majority of Utah's team are still considered Minorities..

Now say if Utah had a bunch of white american mormons on the team, then maybe you could make a case, but until then, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

First of all I am a Black Man.

Second Okur is a White Man. It doesn't matter what country he comes from. Most Russians are White Men. The fact that in the 80's some Americans would look down on them doesn't change the fact the were white men. Eastern Europeans may be looked down upon by some Americans but that doesn't change the fact that most are white men. Okur is an Eastern European White Man. AK 47 is a Russian White Man. Boozer and Williams are biracial. Because of slavery the average black man in America has 10-15% White Blood. Which would make Boozer and Williams around 60% White. Boozer appears to be a huge mix of Native, White, Spanish, European and Black. While Williams is more classical Biracial.

Racists will change their criteria in certain situations. Utah has always had a white coach and 4-6 white players. So racist fans will cheer for the black players to benefit the white members of the team. They would lose those fans if they had 15 Black Players and a Black Coach. I have watched ball for 20 years and I can't remember one time ever that the Jazz had 5 black players on the court at the same time not even in blowouts.

Change those 4 players to 2 white players and the fans would still cheer but would prefer a few players that they could say he is not really black but mixed. There is Williams and Boozer.

Change the team to all Black then the personalities and skin complextions of the members don't matter anymore. Then Boozer and Williams just become other Black Men.

Malone played with good White Players. A circumstance. Malone dressed like he was on the Oregan trail. A circumstance. Malone was a Republican. A circumstance.

Typical thinking is. He's okay because he is not like the others and we have white players on the team.

Mexicans and Asians are considered miniorities but racists will play favorites in certain situations.

Given a choice a racist will go like this.

I want a White American Majority.
If I must be diverse I will accept darker eastern Europeans
If I can't have that then I will accept Asians.
If I can't have that I will accept Mexicans.
If I can't have that I will accept Blacks but I prefer Biracial.

The personalities and the race of the minority do play factors.

Utah is no more racist then anywhere else but the bottom line is pure numbers. Their crowd is 99% white. This imboldens people. If the crowd was only 7% Black, people would be less likely to pop off simply out of having to deal with the consequences of dealing with someone in the crowd.
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