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Default Re: Jackson accuses Utah fans of racial slurs

Originally Posted by reppy
Blacks have always been allowed to members of the Mormon religion. However, there was something thing where they weren't allowed to have the priesthood. This is dispusted, however, and some claim that Joseph Smith had a black follower that he made gave the priesthood status to. I forget the guy's name.

At any rate, this happens in every single audience in the world. So, it's because their Mormon, huh? Is that why racial slurs are such a problem in soccer games in Europe? All those Mormons, huh?

Hey guys, remember when Mormons owned all those slaves? Or when they lynched all those black people in South? DAMN MORMONS!
Or when all those Mormons in Africa were selling other Mormons into slavery... Oh wait, that was blacks doing that. Never mind.
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