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Default Re: Jackson accuses Utah fans of racial slurs

Consider the state of sports fans. Its out of control and think about this. Do you think that fans went/said the extreme to rile up Sjax, get him out of his game? Who knows if the people who said it are racists, bigots or whatever. But who knows if they said it just being the kamikaze crazed sports fan who takes it upon themselves to say, act as they want to gain attention?

I remember Nellie talkin to the refs and after 30 seconds you had fans chanting this sound and it got louder and could clearly see them on TNT. Couple fans said something to Nellie and they werent far (you ever notice players benches are next to fan seats who are courtside and not far from fans a row behind them?). As Nellie walked off he looked at the two dudes who were saying something (couldnt read what) and shook his head he walked off they fans kept chanting that sound and got louder.

That long story just gives a brief example of how sports fans today are just gung ho, out of control maniacs who took BOOOOOOO'ing to the next level. BOOOO'ing someone is so 80's. Saying something about a loved one, sexual orientation/manhood or going as far as using a racial slur towards a player you know has leaped into the stands before and hit fans is what they wanted. They were throwing bait...saying Sjax you suck probably doesnt get a reaction. Saying Sjax you n*gger would have him look and potentially say something if not approach you. Sjax has a rep that isnt positive...probably motivation to attack him. If someone like Baron Davis, Monte Ellis said it then ehhh you think for a second.

Again who knows what was said or what kind of person(s) they were. But you gotta look further into this than "Oh they are racist" and thats that. By doing this you're not exusing the behavior...but you're gonna see things clearer.

Todays fans are psychos. Lets face it. 15mins of fame is worth it to some. Being the reason Sjax was ejected from a game or suspended for a game or two because he charged the stands and slapped snot sideways out of nose is what you want. Anything to help aid your team to win, piss a pro bballer off and make them look bad for reaction to your stupid behavior.
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