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Default Re: Reality Check on Gun Control

Originally Posted by bmulls
I would oppose a ban on them on principle. I don't believe in setting an arbitrary number. First you ban 100 round drums, next people want to ban 50, next they want to ban 30 etc.

You don't need to worry about those anyway, they are notoriously faulty, to the point where they are a novelty item. They are more likely to jam than to chamber the entire magazine successfully. They are all made by knock off companies because respectable manufacturers know they are a joke. The Aurora shooter had one and his jammed after firing less than 30 rounds.
I have yet to see a cogent argument on how banning fully auto guns (or other arms like rpgs, landmines, etc) is constitutional (according to the SCOTUS), but further restrictions on the type of arms you can own are not. You seem fairly reasonable, though entrenched in your view. Can you argue this?
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